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Movie review: Men in Black

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MiBReview by Ted Begley

Have you ever gone to a movie knowing that you would like it because of the stars that were in it, or the director it had, or even the person who did the music. Well MiB (Men in Black, for those who haven’t seen the commercials) had all of those things going for it. You can image my surprise when it wasn’t any thing like what I was expecting…. it’s better.

The story follows two “men in black”. “K” portrayed by Tommy Lee Jones (Black Moon RisingBatman Forever) and “J” portrayed by Will Smith (ID-4: Independence DayThe Fresh Prince of Bel-Air). K finds himself without a partner and needs a new recruit. J is a New York City cop that, in an impressive display of physical action, chases down a Class 4 cephlapoid on foot. After going through orientation with the finest that the military system can produce J becomes the newest man in black.

What follows is a story that weaves a comic web of action, galactic politics, and pest control. The film does have a few minor drawbacks, especially where the obvious is concerned. J is so busy noticing the very attractive coroner that he completely misses several things. On the whole though, the film works exceedingly well.

If you’ve seen it before then borrow one of J’s flashy things and see it again for the very first time.