Well, hello there. Don’t be shy — come on in! I’m Sterno, LexFA’s mascot dragon. (That’s me at the bottom of each page.)

“What’s LexFA?” you ask. The Lexington Science Fiction & Fantasy Association is a not-for-profit organization (okay, so it’s not all that organized) for people who like these genres and things associated with them. We’re a bunch of friends, based in and around central Kentucky, who share some common interests in science fiction, fantasy, outer space, RPGs, and the occasional mystery. We get together once a month or so to talk, watch videos, listen to occasional guest speakers, and generally have a good time. If you’re in the area (and thanks to the Internet, that “area” is now world-wide), look us up.

Oh, and watch your step — things are constantly changing around here. Have fun, explore to your heart’s content. Let us know what you think of the place, and what we can do to improve it!