Movie review: Fantasia 2000, by Disney

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Fantasia 2000

review by Janis Neville

Okay, I have seen Fantasia 2000, and I am very, very, very disappointed. I thought for something like it, Disney could get away from their formulaic crap, but it seems that they cannot. It is nowhere near as good as the original Fantasia, and I think Disney lost some of the vision that went into making something like it. They just went through the motions and made it all franchised.

Each story that Disney put to music (instead of the other way around, making an evocative animation from the music) displayed some trite aspect of Disney’s recent style of animation. Each was a very character concerned story that ended up happily. Many of the animations didn’t seem at all suited to the music, or were very confused in what they were doing. I think that they maybe chose some of the music poorly, and also seemed to cheapen it by setting it to the animations.

I was amused some by some of the animations, confused a lot by others. I was amused by some of the host segments too, but that was mostly because of James Earl Jones dubbed over in Japanese and I couldn’t understand whatever jokes they were trying to make.

I wish I could get my money back.